Crafted Yarn®: The look of linen, comfort of cotton

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New - Microspin featured in BF+DA

Microspin featured in Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator

The Microspinning unit in Vidarbha (Buldana)

A fully functional unit is always a treat to watch, especially when the operators leave with a smile in their face after work. The pride and dignity of young village women and men, who believe that a better life can be had in their village without migrating to Aurangabad or Mumbai, is the best endorsement we can aspire for.

The Integrated BlowCard

A radically different technology of fibre handling, that integrates the functions of the blow-room line of machines and carding. A low-touch machine that depends on aerodynamics and buoyancy to handle fibres, rather than brute mechanical impact, this machine is at the heart of the superior allure of textiles made in this process.

Integrated Fabric unit

The technology is readily amenable to backward integration (ginning, farming) and forward integration (dyeing, weaving, textile products) at an affordable scale.To make fabrics is the natural progression up the value chain, after a spinning unit is established.

Kannan receiving the 2012 Innovation for India Award

Fractal Foundation was awarded The 2012 Innovation for India Award by the Marico Innovation Foundation for MICROSPINNING under the social category.

Fashion that is rooted - Microspin's Unit in Buldana.

Microspin's technology, which enables the entire process of converting cotton into fabric in 25000sft, is changing the life of cotton farmers in Buldana, Maharashtra. Click to see our video.

L.Kannan has been chosen to receive the distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT-Madras

L.Kannan has been awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras.