Ms. Anaka Narayanan, Brass Tacks, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

“What’s really special about this fabric is the texture and softness.

It has a drape that is a lot more fluid than cotton, and it feels soft to touch.

Our customers say that the fabric is very breathable, and we can vouch for how luxurious this fabric feels against skin.”

About Anaka Narayanan

Anaka is a Textile designer who launched her own retail store called Brass Tacks

where she specialises in Indo-western clothing. – http://www.brasstacks.co.in/

Ms. Sudekshina. K

“As an artist I fell for this fabric at the first touch…

The “Tree of Life” literally started growing in my imagination, 

and when working with something like ‘Microspin crafted yarn fabric’…. 

it compliments my work…becomes the perfect icing on the cake!!!”

About Sudekshina

Sudekshina is a trained Mural painting artist. 

She has innovated the art form by painting on saris and fabrics,

thereby taking the art form to a wider audience.  – https://www.facebook.com/MuralPaintingOnFabric/


Rajesh Pratap Singh Works, New Delhi

“Microspin fabrics have a great texture and we especially preferred their melange weaves.  

The cloth has a character and life of its own and can render any garment rich due to its unique properties.  

Made from fine soft cottons and blends, they have added to our collection.”

About Rajesh Pratap Singh

Rajesh Pratap Singh is a textile designer known for his minimalism and understated design aesthetics,

with a sharp eye for detailing.

Pratap’s exploration with fabric texturing and most prominently his creative usage of pintucks

has almost become synonymous to the label.

The key to his work lies in simplicity, clean cuts and flawless detailing.

– http://www.rajeshpratapsingh.com/


“This was certainly an inspiring visit. I feel that initiatives like this will contribute to
a great future for India and her people. All the best for your future.”

 - Jan Ross, Sr. Correspondent, Zeit Media Group (Germany)

“Very good set up and quite impressed with this innovative model. It is one of the
best socio-economic models backed by technology innovation and best approach
of inclusive growth. Well managed unit which has potential to upscale to meet
level of quality and innovation. Keep it up!! “

- Dr. Naresh Tyagi, Vice President, Madura Garments

“Our orders has been received with customer with a great happiness , trust
this will give some momentum for us. We are getting into autumn winter

- Shambu, Suvastra India (Apparel Exporters), Bangalore


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