Value Addition

Value addition by seamless integration of production chain

20 fold increase in value

Cotton textile value chain enhances input value by over 20-fold, from cotton to garment. Most of the operations are skill-based, small and decentralized — except for spinning. The industry is highly fragmented as shown in the diagram belowField to FabricMicrospinning enables scattered, piece-rate workers in the value-chain to become market-oriented, quality-conscious and access better value for their skills. Such a culture of work is what India was globally known for, for thousands of years, before industrialization fragmented the industry.

The result of such a confluence of contemporary innovation and traditional genius is that the textiles produced are simply the best.

By enabling yarn-spinning at a hundred times smaller scale, Microspinning promises a different paradigm of lean & integrated organization of the production chain that makes for high profitability withHigh Profitability

  • Short lead-time.
  • Quick style-change.
  • Low overheads.
  • Customization & differentiation.
  • Organic & energy-efficient products.
  • Regional identity.

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