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Cotton, Pashmina,
Eri silk, Hemp...

Inclusive production
Nifty R&D tool

India, Nepal,
Philippines, Brazil...

Blow-card ®
The secret sauce
App controlled
IoT Enabled
Low energy, water

The Blow-card® is the secret sauce of the Microspin line.  Do away with power guzzling blow-room line of machines and difficult-to-maintain carding machines.  Check out the video to see how we do it.

All the machines are equipped with embedded controls.  Settings are easy to configure through an app. The IoT-enabled architecture makes it easy for monitoring and support.

Being five-times smaller in energy footprint is not an accident: BLDC motors powered by proprietary embedded algorithms make that possible.  And the texture of the yarn enables reduced water, fuel in dyeing.  Did we say the color-holding is awesome, too?

Download whitepaper.

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